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About the service

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From seller:

Several channels of attraction: large customers - personal sales; For the rest - SEO optimization; Direct for certain products; SMM; agency system - agencies purchase advertising through our platform.
By the link in the description at the very bottom of the name of the companies of advertisers and sellers who are already working with us. The counter shows the numbers in real time. We add new sellers every week.
The platform is a free attraction channel for the download. We bring new clients to different media. We work only on 100% advance payment.м
We are not an agency, but a platform. Seller himself exposes his promotional products! And the advertiser registers and creates advertising! This is the main difference!

From advertiser:

The Cheapmedia platform began its work recently, in the near future we will add most of the cities.<br> Now we are working in most cities in Russia and another countries.<br>
When you have chosen promotional products and designed an advertising campaign, the bill for advertising will be available to you in your account or by e-mail. Please note that the invoice must be paid within three days
First, to choose the best variants of advertising placement with the help of algorithms for their industry.<br> Secondly, working with you do not need to call and run around all the sellers (sellers of advertising), with each sign contracts, monitor payments and accommodation. All this can be done on our online service in single window mode.<br> In the third - to save, because we offer you already market prices. We already bargained for you with the sellers and got a discount, which we share with you. Prices for advertising on cheapmedia - not higher (and often even lower) than directly with the seller<br>

From agency:

Yes! We always communicate with our agents, find out what is missing, for more effective work. After gathering, we form webinars, seminars, skype conferences, where we discuss questions and answers in more detail. Also you can offer options, tools, to improve the agent's personal office, because Cheapmedia is your assistant in working with your customers.
We always help our agents to select the most effective advertising campaigns for the client's business.
In any way convenient for you. We offer several options for you to choose, when you form a request for a receipt, choose the most convenient, for example, a bank card, VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, WORLD, QIWI wallet, WEB Money, Yandex Money, VC transfer. If you are a legal entity, then to your bank account. Can offer your options for consideration.
We have a great partnership with many companies, at your request in a short time, the product appears on the site that the client needs.
At the end of the client's advertising campaign, the system automatically generates a report, acts, radio references and other closing documents. After signing the closing documents and uploading to the system, your reward goes to the receipt status and you can withdraw your funds at any time.